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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Try to Remember

Wow. So does anyone remember this blog about an actor in NYC who was a hemophiliac and gay?! I feel like I do, but it was such a long time ago that I have now decided to take up the reigns and start a new blog in his honor...

Just kidding! So sorry guys. My life has been CRAZY and I want to let you all in on it, just gotta talk to some family members about some stuff before I post it all over the blogosphere.

What's the same? Well... I'm still living at my apartment, I'm still working at Belcourt, and I'm still in Naked Boys Singing. Oh, and Michelle Bachman hasn't gotten to me yet, so I'm still gay.

Pretty much I'm exactly the same, but I have even more stories to talk about so get ready for some fun ones including a trip from my best friend from Europe, a neck bleed, and crazy cat stories... OH and I got a fish.

Luna discovers Olivia for the first time!

Artistic Olivia!

AND!! Read this!

Digital Connections

I hope you read to the end! How cool, right? Anywho, get ready for some fun new blog posts! It's about time, right?!

Till we meet again...

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