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Monday, June 4, 2012

Walk it out...

So here I am. Sitting on a bus heading back to PA after attending the NYC Hemophilia Walk for the second year, and already I'm looking forward to 2013!

This story goes back a long, long time ago........ to February. Glenn Mones asked me if I would be interested in talking about my first walk experience (which was just the previous year) at a Kick-Ofd Brunch that was taking place at Barebuger (which btw [shameless plug], if you have never eaten at you should because it is AMAZING).

Anywho... Of course I said yes, because, in all reality, when would I NOT want to talk in front of people, and my journey for the 2012 walk began.

This was my first year as a team captain and I had big dreams for how I was going to do this! I was gonna have like 30 people on my team (never happened), we were going to have a huge cabaret with original songs written by composing teams to raise money (never happened), and I was going to have these awesome Hemo Homo t-shirts made that were going to rock everyone's socks! (Never happened).

But what did happen is I ended up with an amazing team of 5 people where we raised $365. I know it wasn't the most raised, barely 1% of what the team with the most money raised, but we did it. Our small but mighty team helped to contribute, and I do believe that every dollar helps.

When we arrived at the walk it was, as it was last year, overwhelming to see the amount of people supporting the Bleeding Disorders community. The main difference, personally, between last year and this year, is that attending the walk last year was one of my first events with the community. I met a lot of amazing people and new friends. Whereas THIS YEAR, I got to reconnect with people I hadn't seen in months, and get to hang out, talk, and chit-chat (yes. Talking and chit-chatting is different. I use WAY more "hey girl"s when chit-chatting).

Photo Credit: Ryan Seeley

It was really wonderful to get to see my dear friend Ryan again after not seeing him since Albany Days. The little trouper walked the ENTIRE 5K and is really an inspiration.

My team consisted of Tyler (the bf), my good friends Matt and Chris (who is also a Hemo), and my dear, dear friend Melissa (who has been mentioned previously in the blog before).

Melissa and I posing during the walk. Apparently this section was used in You've Got Mail? I almost lost my gay card over not knowing that one...

The Walk raised over 237,000 dollars total and really is an inspiration. I learned that I really need to plan ahead for next year so that Team Hemo Homo can really add a significant chunk o' change to the pot next year.

There are other walks still going on across the country all summer long, so I am asking my readers to make a donation to your local chapter's walk. Every penny helps, and pretty soon, we will walk all the way to a cure!

Till we meet again...

Location:Harriman State Park,Southfields,United States

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