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Friday, November 4, 2011

BOSTON... Well.. Almost.

So I never realized how dumb I really was until I landed in the world of the super smart. O. M. G. Staying at a hotel sandwiched between Harvard and MIT really made me realize how little I contribute to the world.... And then I spoke.

Okay. You're confused. Good. That was the point. I should probably start at the very beginning. (A very good place to start. The hiiiiiillllls..... Okay. I'm done).

So last night, after the show, I hopped in a Towncar and was driven to Cambridge, Massachusetts to speak at a corporate meeting for Biogen Idec, who is the oldest continuously running Biotech company in the world. Cool huh? Needless to say, my 2 am arrival at the hotel followed by a 6:15 am wakeup call was not at the top of my priority list, but I know people have to do it a lot more often than I do so I dealt with it.

But why me? Why would Biogen Idec go through this trouble to get me up to Cambridge to speak in front of them? Honestly, I have no idea. I would like to think it's my charming good looks and impeccable sense of style, but it was probably just because I'm loud.

Anyway, Biogen Idec is on the forefront of a new factor technology that I could NEVER understand, but their website does it really well. The things that they are working on are all extremely exciting.

So all I had to do was get up in front of, like, 100 executives at this company and talk about myself. Sounds easy because, let's be real, I like talking about myself (btw, I need a HemoHomo theme song to underscore moments like these).

And here I am, in front of some of the brightest minds in science today, and I'm talking about Naked Boys Singing and waiting tables. I felt so dumb, not in an overtly negative way, just in a "what they do is more important" way. And then came the feedback.

I had so much fun, and so did they. I met too many people today to even count, and I cannot wait to see some of them again on Chi-Town next week... I know... So many people... MY FIRST NHF!!!! Anywho. Everyone was so sweet to me and kept thanking me.

And then I got to see the lab. It was so cool. I wish I had taken pictures! (Bad Blogger! Bad!) But to watch where these scientists sit and do their work. It was mind-blowing.

And here I am. At my hotel, eating a lobster roll in Cambridge and not taking the 5 minute trip into Boston because I am exhausted.
Leaning on my corner window at the Marriott Cambridge

But I had a blast. And a bit of a confidence boost. It's easy to live our lives in our own world, not realizing the effect we have on other people, especially when we sing and dance naked and serve people food, but to hear the feedback from these people today was amazing.

And so I turn around and extend their thank you's to all of you. I am just one member of a community that is, well, small... but mighty (that's what she said).

I am probably going to be really busy and may not blog again until NHF '11, but I am so excited to meet so many of my readers and new friends, as well as check in with some old ones.

Here is to an amazing NHF '11, and, thanks to a bunch of people working very hard at Biogen Idec, I feel a huge change in the air? Breeze off the River? I See a River Flowing For Freedom? Okay. Enough musical theatre references. I'm out.

Till we meet again...

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