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Monday, November 7, 2011

Why the hate on Kim?

Okay. So the Hemo comes out a lot on this blog and it's time for a little Homo.

Why the hate on Kim? I understand that as a 'mo I'm supposed to be angry that she's getting divorced and that her getting a divorce is a prime example of "the sanctity of marriage" being a ridiculous reason for the fight against marriage equality, but come on. KIM KARDASHIAN?!?! That's the best new argument you have?

I saw another article, now a couple of days old, on Advocate.com explaining about how Kim kind of apologized to the LGBT community, but my question is, why should she? Whether Kim Kardashian married for love, money, or publicity really doesn't matter. I have a hard time believing that the televised circus that was her wedding was just a slap in the face to the LGBT community; a "let's show them what they can't have" moment.

I think that by showing outrage in a negative manner to a marriage gone wrong is extremely catty and just paints the LGBT community in an extremely negative light. Instead of putting the straight community down for misusing the rights that we so desperately crave, we should just keep stating how it is our RIGHT to be able to get married and that we already have a working marital model so why not be able to get married?

I would like nothing more than to be able to marry my partner so that when I am having a bleeding episode in the hospital, I know that he can sit with me. Or so that we can join under the same insurance plan, or get a tax break on income when we finally move in together, but putting down a celebrity's private marital struggle doesn't help us get the rights that we deserve!

I guess I just don't understand how putting other people down is going to help us get what we want. Bullying has become a major issue for LGBT youth and what example are we, as a community, showing by putting down a person for a private situation, although it has been made public by her own accord.

I just think we should kill people with kindness, but that's just my opinion.

Till we meet again...

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